Fictionist looks at Victoria/V.E. Schwab's recent Twitter posts, all of which are pure gold. Follow her for more!

The world is a better place with Victoria/V.E. Schwab‘s Twitter account.

She makes us laugh every day:

She doesn’t pretend she’s an all-knowing God of writing:

Her ginger cat is the floofiest thing we’ve ever seen, and routinely keeps Victoria from doing things:

She responds to readers’ thoughts and makes us laugh and cry at the same time:

She watches Supergirl:

She teases to new projects that make us want to sell our souls for a peek:

And she even gives book recs to fans on Twitter!

Victoria Schwab, who also goes by V.E. Schwab, has written over a dozen bestselling books. She “thrives on tears,” is a Slytherin, and loves to travel, according to her Twitter bio. Follow her for more joy in your life!