Looking for every 2018 YA book release? You’re in luck!

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If you were looking for every YA release set for 2018, this is your lucky day.

Yakult and Scrunchies: ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Lacked Some Korean Representation

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before isn’t just a great new rom com for viewers to sink their teeth into – it’s also an example of Asian representation on screen today.

Fictionist Opinion: The Book World Doesn’t Need to De-Politicize

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Libraries are awesome and everyone should support them even if they are ‘weaponized in the new sexual revolution’ (which is a plus for me, TBH).

‘A Touch of Gold’ Shines Bright | A Spoiler-Free Review

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★★★★☆ You have never read a fantasy retelling like this.  I was vaguely interested in A Touch of Gold because it was a retelling of the story of King Midas from the point of view of his daughter. It seemed … Read More

‘Girls of Paper and Fire’ Welcomes YA Into 2018 | A Spoiler-Free Review

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2018 is here: A book with trigger warnings and a stellar LGBT romance is being championed by a big time publisher.

Read the first three chapters of A Court of Frost and Starlight here!

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Read the first 72 pages of A Court of Frost and Starlight with us, for free!

Read the first 180+ pages of ‘Tower of Dawn’ for free

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You can read the first several chapters, or 185 pages, of Tower of Dawn here!

Fiction Forward #10: Your Beta Reader

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Jackie welcomes Cat Skinner of Your Beta Reader to the show to chat about beta reading and sensitivity reading!

‘The Memory of Fire’ Lives Up to Book One | A Spoiler-Free Review

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This book was interesting, well-written and immersive. just like book one. The lack of split POVs and the focus on Jahan’s storyline helped Bates a lot here. 

Bookish Buys from BookCon (Without the Lines!)

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So you didn’t go to BookCon. Or you did, but you didn’t do all of the shopping you wanted to. No worries, we’ve got you. Check out this list of some great bookish buys from exhibitors who were at BookCon this year!

BookCon 2018 Panel Highlights: Magic, Powerful Women, LGBT+ Authors & More

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Magic, Powerful Women, LGBT+ Authors & More! We’ll take you through our favorite panels of BookCon 2018!

How To: Enter Pitch Wars and #PitMad 2018

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Ah, June. BEA and BookCon have come to a close. Summer is starting. And on Twitter, Pitch Wars season is upon us.

‘Fat Girl on a Plane’ Weighs Me Down | A Spoiler-Free Review

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I have such intensely mixed feelings about Fat Girl on a Plane. It was so well-written, and still fell kind of flat for me.

BookCon 2018: FAQ Edition

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All of your last-minute BEA/BookExpo questions, answered.

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