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Fictionist is hiring! We’re a small team that’s located across the world, and we would love to have you join us! We’re working on some really exciting projects, from podcasts to author-written guest posts to our own line of bookish enamel pins, and we’re always open to new ideas.

Our writers can write articles a few times each month or a few times each week. It’s up to them. We currently rely on our Patreon and Redbubble to raise funds to pay our writers and editors, but we’re working on some more fundraising ideas (did you notice the reference to a line of bookish enamel pins?). We’ll let applicants know how much we pay per article if we decide to move forward — this depends on Patreon and Redbubble payments.


We’re looking for writers who meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years or older
  • Passionate about books, publishing, writing, or related subjects
  • Willing to dedicate time to the site
  • Reliable enough to keep to their own schedule and keep in touch via Slack
  • Good understanding of the English language and grammar
  • Ability to use or learn how to use WordPress


Email and use the following guidelines: Include the job title you’re applying for in the subject line. Let us know who you are, where you’re located, why you want to join our team, and whether you have any past experience. If you do have experience, links to past work and/or a resume should be included. If not, explain why you think you would still be a good fit for us!


Movie/TV Adaptation Writer

This person (or persons) would be responsible for covering all movie and TV-related news. So, if The Selection movie decided to start casting (for example), they would be the person to get as much info as possible and publish a story ASAP. They would cover as much TV/Movie news as possible. We are hiring multiple people for this position. This person would need to be able to keep an eye on adaptation news and identify when something should be covered. For example, if they come across an article about a new movie adaptation, they should think to themselves, “Oh, I should write something about that.” This person should feel free to write features related to movie adaptations as well — they can interview authors and/or readers about their thoughts, include funny tweets or anecdotes, or do a more in-depth story about adaptations. Must be able to touch base with an editor once a week or so, depending on how often they publish content.

Quiz Guru

This person would need to be fairly well-read (or have access to lots and lots of books)! They would be responsible for making a wide range of quizzes, from “Which character are you?” style quizzes to “Match the quote to the character” quizzes. Even pop quiz-style posts would go! If you have other ideas, we’re open to them, too! This person would need to be able to touch base with an editor every week or so, depending on how often they publish content. Communication is key.

Book News/Feature Writer

This person would be able to write about anything from publishing news to excerpt reveals to author interviews! They would be able to write features on a wide range of topics, from “Read the new excerpt of Tower of Dawn!” to “What are Sensitivity Readers, and why do we need them?” Their articles would be a mix of their own ideas and ones assigned by editors. They will be allowed to pitch as many ideas as they’d like, and they are always allowed to turn down stories that they don’t want to cover. This person would have to be able to write articles of all lengths and conduct interviews if needed. Must be open to advice and edits from editors, and must be able to touch base once a week, depending on how often they publish content.

Book Reviewer

We’re always looking for reviewers! This person would be responsible for requesting their own ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and must keep in contact via Slack to check and add to our master ARC list. Must have a good command of the English language, and must feel comfortable reaching out to publishers and agents. Reviewers are also allowed to reach out to authors for Q&As, provided they are cleared by an editor to perform interviews. Q&As require recording software so that writers can conduct the interview and then go back and transcribe word-for-word (we only edit for grammar and readability). This person must be able to consistently check our ARC list before requesting ARCs, and must be able to check in once a week, depending on how often they publish stories.


Yep, you. If you have an idea for your own niche to write about, or if you want to contribute to Fictionist in some other way that’s uniquely you, let us know. Got a bookish webcomic to write? Want to cover LGBT or POC books or authors? Want to create your own YouTube series? Explain your ideas, why you think they work, and how you would execute them. We’ll listen. Promise.


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