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Fictionist Magazine is dedicated to providing book-related news, reviews, interviews, and more to our readers without being affiliated with a publisher. Our content is just that — our own.

Fictionist was created in March 2017, after a Tumblr post highlighted the need for a neutral YA-focused magazine. A group of bloggers got together to make that dream a reality.

Our Story:

In mid-March of 2017, we brought an idea to fruition.

It started with a Tumblr post:

After our founder saw that there was interest in this idea, she started contacting other bloggers who were interested. The team went from two to 10 in about a week.

Soon, Google documents were filled with ideas. Plans were made. Names were brainstormed.

We bought a domain. We created a WordPress site. We created our own email addresses so that we could contact authors, agents and publishers.

Fictionist Magazine was born.

A few days in, we had secured a Skype interview with V.E. Schwab, an author with multiple NYT Bestselling books (and over 43,000 Twitter followers). The New York Times had just interviewed her, and now Fictionist could.

One week in, we applied for media badges to attend BookCon, a book convention held in NYC. Our request was granted, even though Fictionist was a week old at that point.

Two weeks in, a literary agent sent physical advanced reader copies and offered to schedule interviews with their authors. Further evidence that this thing was real.

Fictionist may be in its infancy, but it’s real. Real enough to warrant media passes to BookCon. Real enough for a major author to schedule a Skype interview with us. Real enough that we’re receiving ARCs from literary agents. Real enough that we’re planning podcasts, YouTube videos, bookish merchandise, and more.

It’s real, and we made it real, and we’re proud of that whether we remain a small magazine or attract tens of thousands.

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