Basically everything about ACOWAR is full of hype, and we're here to keep that hype going, because damn if we won't be first in line on release day.

It’s exactly a month to release day for A Court of Wings and Ruin, the third book in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas.

Basically everything about ACOWAR is full of hype, and we’re here to keep that hype going, because damn if we won’t be first in line on release day. Here’s a small recap of the ridiculousness from the end of ACOMAF:


Feyre is back in the Spring Court with Tamlin, who thinks Feyre’s mating bond with Rhys is broken, and she has to fake her loyalty to him… or risk her new life with Rhys and the Night Court. Meanwhile, Hybern is still totally a thing, and Tamlin is actually working with the king. Lucien’s mating bond with Elain snapped into place, Cassian’s wings are in tatters, and we don’t even really know what Nesta is:

“I knew that she was different.
From however Elain had been Made… Nesta was different.
Even before she took her first breath, I felt it.
As if the Cauldron in making her… had been forced to give more than it wanted. As if Nesta had fought even after she went under, and had decided that if she was to be dragged into hell, she was taking that Cauldron with her.”

Not to mention the fact that there’s been some speculation about whether we’ll see what Amren truly is. Don’t forget, Rhys described her as: “Something else. Something worse than us. And if she ever finds a way to shed her prison of flesh and bone… Cauldron save us all.” So that’s not terrifying.

Oh, and did we mention the fact that Feyre is now a High Lady, and is married to Rhys? It’s amazing that they have that bond and that Feyre is his equal in every way, but their marriage and bond was sort of like Sarah J Maas giving us a small ice cube to soothe a body full of third-degree burns.


Anyway, ACOMAF was amazing and terrible in every way, and ACOWAR will probably be similarly awe-inspiring. What we know so far is that the book will release on May 2nd, and if you send your pre-order receipt you’ll receive a free color poster of the official map!

Oh, and also: “the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.”

The very first copies of ACOWAR arrived April 2, and Sarah has already started taunting us!

We also have the cover, back cover and a few snippets from the book. The cover was based off of a piece of fanart by Charlie Bowater, and has been very popular with fans! Bowater didn’t actually design the cover, but the overall look came from her art and Sarah was very excited that Bowater let them co-opt it for the cover.

Bowater does other fanart, including more ACOTAR art, and is actually working on the ACOTAR coloring book, too!

Here’s the back cover, with a summary:

And some quotes:

Sarah has also posted her tour schedule:

If you’re as excited about ACOWAR’s release as we are, you won’t have to wait too much longer! In the meantime, you can pre-order the book from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-millionIndieBoundiBookstoreKoboWaterstonesAmazon UK, or Book Depository!

And don’t forget to let us know via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you make plans to see Sarah on tour!