Choose wisely, and we will give you a stellar book recommendation!

Choose wisely, and we will give you a stellar book recommendation!

Choose a Dessert, Get a Book Recommendation!
The Selection!

You should read The Selection by Kiera Cass. Set in a future where the U.S. no longer exists and an eight-caste system has been employed, a young woman is entered into Prince Maxon's Selection, where he will pick his future wife and Queen. While everyone else fawns over the prince, America has other concerns. This series is described as "The Bacjelor" meets "The Hunger Games" with less bloodshed.

You should definitely read 'Roar' by Cora Carmack! It includes: A badass, but magic-challenged, female lead. Betrayal. Sentient storms (and strong-magic). Underground magic markets. Secrets. Lies... and much more. Follow Rora, the crown princess, as she endangers her kingdom and herself by chasing magical storm magic.
I See London, I See France!

I see your next favorite summer read! 'I See London, I See France' by Sarah Mlynowski follows two college-aged women as they travel across Europe -- and run into some unwelcome familiar faces. It's funny and refreshing and lets you live a vicarious European adventure!

In this modern spin on 'Cinderella,' readers put themselves into the shoes of a fandom geek -- hence, 'Geekerella.' Ashley Poston creates a fun, interesting modern fairy tale that will keep you hooked!
The Waking Land!

Your next read should be 'The Waking Land' by Callie Bates! This book follows a young woman who has grown up a hostage. However, the King who held a pistol to her head when she was five has treated her like his own daughter. Inf act, better than his own daughter. When the King dies, however, Elly is accused of his murder, and has to flee back to her homeland, where her estranged father waits. She finds herself in the middle of two kingdoms, leading a rebellion she didn't want, trying to do the right thing. This YA fantasy is a must-read!
Written in the Stars!

'Written in the Stars' by Aisha Saeed follows a young American woman whose parents are Pakistani immigrants. They don't enforce too many rules, escept one: they get to choose her husband. However, when Naila's secrets get revealed, her parents take her for a "summer trip" to Pakistan. What will Naila do if the trip becomes more permanent? What about college in the fall? What about Saif? This is a book that stays in your heart long after you close it.
The Hundredth Queen!

This book follows a girl who was raised in a temple who is chosen as Rajah Terek's hundredth wife. She suddenly finds her life at stake, and uncovers secrets about herself that put her and those close to her at stake. Emily R. King has created an enthralling fantasy with "The Hundredth Queen.' Get reading!

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