Carrie Anne Noble's 'The Gold-Son' gets 4.5 stars thanks to its wonderful writing style and immersive world!


When I first picked up my copy of Carrie Anne Noble’s The Gold-Son, I was deeply surprised within the first few minutes. The story is, simply, beautiful. Because the book hasn’t come out yet, I can’t go too far into the details, but I can explain why you should definitely snag yourself a copy.


The Gold-Son is the story of Tommin, a shoemaker’s apprentice with a need to steal precious objects such as gold or silver. He lives with his grandmother due to the absence of both of his parents. One day, whilst in the shop, he meets a man, Lorcan Reilly, and his “niece,” Eve.

He gets caught stealing soon after and makes a deal with Reilly that he’ll do whatever Lorcan says for a season. What seems to be a simple deal turns into something far more as Lorcan explains that Tommin is a gold-son: A child cursed by a Leprechaun to become a Leprechaun.

That’s all I can say for now without giving up more plot.

Altogether, what I can say about the book is that it’s beautifully written. The story is compelling to say the least. Not only is Tommin’s journey extremely interesting, but the turning point where Part One becomes Part Two opens a whole new meaning to the novel.

Tommin’s urge for gold really makes your hands itch. His thoughts and concerns prove his good character. His motives are sometimes unclear, but he’s easily a favorite.

The other characters are fascinating to read about as more and more of their pasts and presents come to light. Notable characters include Eve, who you grow fond of through her chapters, and who must also pass as a boy during her stay with the Leprechauns; Copper, a boy under Lorcan Reilly who acts like a poorly-treated servant; and other Newlings who are being taught the ways of the Leprechauns.

It’s hard to express all my love for this book without giving away major plot details. But I encourage everyone with an interest in Irish myth, an interest in well-rounded characters, and/or an interest in a good book to read The Gold-Son.

Carrie Anne Noble’s website contains details for a launch party and how to get your hands on a signed copy. Details here.

***The only warning I have while reading this book is that it can be somewhat triggering for those who are triggered by abuse.