‘Craft’: The Witchy How-To You Need

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Gabriela Herstik gave the world an empowering, knowledge-filled, witchy how-to guide in the form of Craft: How to be a Modern Witch. Even if it’s not the book you want, it’s definitely the book you need.

Herstik’s writing has something for everyone. Her style is approachable, open, and empowering to her readers. She breaks the history and beliefs of self-proclaimed witches down into easily understood pieces, and is never judgmental of those whose chosen paths may be out of the ordinary. She, in fact, carved her own path and enjoys sharing her knowledge via channels like her Ask a Witch column for NYLON, her website, her work for The Numinous, and content both as a writer and an interviewee at HelloGiggles.

While her work across the internet (including her bewitching Instagram profile) might seem overwhelming to someone just starting their spiritual journey, Craft breaks down modern witchy practices into lovely pieces. There are chapters on magick (not to be confused with sleight of hand magic), chapters on finding out what kind of witch you may identify as, beautifully-written chapters on Gabriela’s personal story, and much more. As a bonus, the book is also lovely to look at. The cover, as well as the inside covers, are beautiful — not to mention all of the wonderful photos, many of which are of Gaby herself, found inside.

Even those who don’t fully identify as witches have something to gain from Craft. The empowering language, the lovely writing, and just reading about beliefs that may differ from your own all make Craft a good read for anyone. Herstik’s writing has a way of making you feel like a badass witch queen even if you don’t actually identify as one. She also emphasizes that no matter what you believe, what path you’re following, whether you want to practice magick or not, etc — you’re still valid. Your beliefs are valid, your feelings are valid, and she supports you whether she knows you or not. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling that goes well with the femme empowerment found throughout her book.

Craft came out on March 15 in the UK (get it with free worldwide shipping here!) but won’t come out until this Fall in the US — under the title Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft with a different, but still stunning, cover. You can pre-order the US version on Amazon!

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