Love literature and books? Show off your wordy passion with these great deals under $50!

Whether you’re in need of new accessories to show off your devotion to the literary world or looking for the perfect gift for your bookworm friend (how about bookDRAGON? Can we get that started?), check out this awesome collection of book-themed things for $50 or under.*

Bookstore Candle
A bookstore-scented soy candle. What could be better than this? Transport yourself home with this cozy fragrance for $18.


The Raven Scarf
“Nevermore” will your neck be cold! Warm up with this fabulous literary scarf with excerpts from none other than The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe for $48.


Handbook for Recently Deceased
I found your next coffee table book to make visitors uncomfortable! Luckily for you, you don’t have to be dead to snag a copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased writing journal. Make your place strange and unusual for just $14.99.


Old Books Tie
Suit up for your next interview with this bookshelf tie, guaranteed to get you the position (or at least a compliment) for $32.


Typewriter Phone Case
Got an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Show off your vintage side with a phone case featuring a vintage typewriter! $31.65 for all generations.


What if I told you there was a game that could cure writer’s block? You heard that right – the Storymatic Game gives you all the inspiration you need to pick up the pen (or mouse). It’s just $29.95 and you can play it with friends too!


Personal Library Kit
For $10.78, make sure no one ever steals your books again! The Knock Knock Personal Library Kit is exactly what it sounds like; now you can always keep track of who you’re lending your books out to.


Bookshelf Blanket

Favorite memory: cocooning myself in a large blanket with a fascinating book. In fact, I’m going to do it this weekend, and I found the perfect blanket to get lost in! For $49, order this steampunk bookshelf blanket and get wordy.


Cat Newspaper Dress

OK, so I know that this is over $50, but just look at how CUTE this dress is! If you like to bury your nose in newspapers as well as fluffy kitty fur, then this is the prime outfit for you. (Psst, I’ve seen this go on sale.)


Stay tuned for more best buys for lit lovers!

*Disclaimer: prices are accurate at time of posting.