Love literature and books? Show off your wordy passion with these great deals this fall!

It’s time for a new round of Best Buys for Lit Lovers! Itching for more ways to show off your ever-consuming love for mixed-up words? Check out these “novel” items.

Go Away Reading Pillow
If you’re in college, bring this with you to the library so you can A) get a bit more comfortable and B) silently tell people to take a hike. Get it today for just $8.99!

Library Pins
Look at this libary pin & stamp set! Attach it to your favorite librarian-inspired cardigan and scold noisy teenagers in the vicinity for $18.

Novel Teas
These “novel teas” are real novelties. Get it? Get it for just $12.50!

Spellbook Wallet
Keep your money in a magical location; more specifically, a spellbook. Cash a charm for $29.99.

Bookshelf Dresser
This is the greatest home decor item you will ever own. I’m quite confident in stating this because I own this exact dresser (except it’s twice as wide). Functional and quirky! Snag this rare item forĀ $156.68.

Newspaper Shirt
Did you forget to read the morning newspaper today before work? Have no fear, for this newspaper-style shirt is both functional AND stylish for the office. Discuss the daily headlines at the water cooler for just $29.99.

Official Dictionary of Sarcasm
For many of you, this may end up being your Bible. The best answer is a sarcastic answer. Don’t get this, it’s insanely expensive at $12.71.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Dive back into the wizarding world and make scenes come alive with this Harry Potter coloring book for $10.65. Gryffindor? Four for you Gryffindor, you go Gryffindor! … And none for Slytherin, bye.

Book Club Wine Glass

Part of a book club? Or a group of nerds that stick their noses in books all day? (I fall into both categories). Buy this fun book club themed glass for $20.99 and show off your community with pride.

Book Bookends

What better bookends are there than… books? Book this quirky pair for just $22.78.

Stay tuned for more Best Buys for Lit Lovers!

*Disclaimer: prices are accurate at time of posting.