A journey of self-discovery, with a love story in between.


The Upside of Falling Down

The only way from the bottom is up.

Quick Summary

There is an upside to falling down. Having lost her memory following a deadly plane crash, Clementine Hass wakes up in the hospital confused and disoriented. She doesn’t know who she is, why she’s in Ireland, and is frantically grasping onto any shred of a clue that hints at her life. But once she meets handsome Kieran, she begins to run towards a new life.


I unexpectedly found myself really enjoying this book. It’s a sweet, intriguing story to keep you hooked through the end (and boy, the ending hits you hard). You felt every ounce of Clementine’s frustration, every heart thump at the sight of Kieran, and the fear of running into the past. I wouldn’t call this a love story – I would call this a journey of self-discovery, with a love story in between. What really makes you who you are? Is it your interests, is it your memories, is it the people in your life? It’s a thought I pondered often as I tore through the pages, and dwelled upon the idea that it’s a combination of all three. Mind you, this isn’t a heavy book; it’s actually pretty light-hearted but the ending surrounding her circumstances tugs at your heart. Once discovered, it now makes all the sense in the world as to why other characters behaved towards her the way they did. Pay attention – there are small clues to delightfully uncover as you go along. For a light but thought-provoking read, this receives five stars from me!

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