Note: While I’m going to avoid spoilers for The Empire of Gold, it is the third in a series and I may mention significant plot points from previous books in the series.

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“Within the first page, I was already hooked, which was heartening considering my slump. By the next day, I was on chapter six,” I wrote in 2017 in a review of The City of Brass.

“I tried so, so hard to hold myself back from reading it right away — you have other reviews waiting, I told myself, but to no avail. Once I read the first page I was hooked, and I spent my whole weekend in S.A. Chakraborty’s breathtaking writing,” I wrote in 2018 when I reviewed book two, The Kingdom of Copper.

The Empire of Gold is no different.

It was almost two months into quarantine. I hadn’t been able to focus long enough to successfully finish any books. I had no work-life boundaries. Everything seemed too stressful. But then I opened Empire of Gold. I can’t even describe to you how intensely invested I was in this story, even though I had to reread the last few chapters of Kingdom of Copper to remind myself of some major plot points. Once I had my footing in Empire of Gold, I was stuck.

I had to remind myself to get up, to eat, to drink water, to take breaks and come up for air. It’s one of those books. The kind that pulls you underwater and doesn’t let you go.

I won’t recap too many details, but I’ll give an extremely short reminder of where we are in the story: Manziheh and Dara’s invasion plan worked, and they murdered thousands in the process. King Ghassan is dead, and Nahri had the seal ring. Manziheh, Nahri, and Ali were on a ledge along with the seal ring. Manziheh tried to guilt Nahri into giving the ring over to her. Nahri made a split-second decision to shove the ring on Ali’s finger and jump off the ledge with him, into the Marid’s lake. The pair woke up near Cairo, in the Nile. Far, far away from Daevabad… and because they brought the seal ring with them, magic has disappeared. What’s more, Ali doesn’t seem to be taking well to the ring lodged in his chest.

This brings us to the beginning of Empire of Gold. I won’t say much about the plot’s specifics, but you will not be bored. Chakraborty had a lot of ground to cover in this series conclusion, and she did not waste a single sentence. Beautifully written, precisely executed, and with many twists and turns — this book will leave you breathless and enthralled, lost in a world of Djinn and Marid. You’ll never want it to end.

Do you have questions about Ali’s magic? Do you want to know how Manziheh brought Dara back? Do you want to know how the djinn will stay alive with no magic? Do you want to know more about the Marid? Are you waiting for a few characters to just kiss already? Finish the series. Preorder this book. It’s what we all need right now. You won’t regret it.

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