You can read the first several chapters, or 185 pages, of Tower of Dawn here!

Thanks to our old pal OverDrive, the name of which you may recognize from its previous leak of A Court of Wings and Ruin, you can read a hefty sample of Sarah J. Maas’s Tower of Dawn.

This isn’t a one-chapter sample. It’s not a few pages to get you interested. It’s 185 pages of pure excellence, and sure,when you’re done reading you’ll want to check it our from the library or buy it for your collection, but those first 185 pages are entirely free.

That’s right. Almost 200 pages. Most readers say they know within the first 100 whether they’ll love a book, and OverDrive has given us all the gift of almost 200 pages with which to wet our proverbial beaks.

Don’t worry, though! There will still be plenty of book left once you’re done with the sample. Tower of Dawn is a whopping 672 pages, made funnier by the fact that it was originally supposed to be a much smaller novella. Speaking of novellas, OverDrive also has a sample of Maas’s A Court of Front and Starlight available.