All of your last-minute BEA/BookExpo questions, answered.

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BEA/BookCon starts May 30, and we are so ready for all of the craziness! We bundled up some common questions and answered them for you all below, but if we missed anything feel free to comment on this post or email with more questions!


The show is almost here! Can I still buy tickets?

Yes! But you’ll have to bring your order confirmation to the Javits Center and wait in line to claim your ticket. You can buy them here! If you bought your tickets before April 29, you should have gotten them in the mail.

How do I get tickets for the autographing area?

Autographing area tickets are kind of crazy at BookCon. You have to go to this page, choose the authors you’d like to see, and then go through a “checkout” process with your BookCon Badge Number (tickets are free). The problem is, autographing area tickets went live at 10:00 a.m. on Ma 19, and by 10:01 almost all of the sessions were sold out. This happens every year, but try not to worry too much! Many authors also do in-booth signings, and appear at panels. Plus, there is more to BookCon than autographs, we promise!

What if the author is signing at a booth?

A lot of authors do smaller signings in their publishers’ booths. If it’s a popular author, these are often ticketed. If you need a ticket, you have to find out when the booth will “drop” tickets. Get to the booth at that time (or earlier, preferably) to pick up a ticket, and then come back when they tell you the author will be there. In some booths, they will tell you to stay in line immediately. Always ask whoever is giving out tickets to be sure! If the signing is not ticketed, just show up a little while before the signing should start and wait in line!

How do I know if a specific author will be there?

BookCon has this handy-dandy list of all of the guests who will be there this year! Perusing it is super easy, and you can even filter your results!

These booth numbers are so confusing! How will I find my way around?

There’s a somewhat bare-bones map online, but BookCon will also be handing out super detailed maps at the show with all of the booths numbered and everything! The booths are also numbered in order, so it isn’t too hard once you see the show floor. As for the panel rooms, there are signs all over the building and you can always ask a BookCon employee for directions!

I’ve never been to BookCon before. What should I keep in mind?

Honestly, the Javits Center is a huge, well-equipped venue — so there isn’t a lot to worry about. There are little cafes and such scattered around, and the website doesn’t say anything about outside food and water, so bringing your own seems like a good option. Always bring a backpack and comfortable shoes — you’ll get a lot of swag, possibly some books, and you might want to bring books from home to get signed!

What’s BEA/BookExpo? Is it the same as BookCon?

Book Expo America, or BEA, is a conference that takes place before BookCon. Wednesday through Friday, the Javits Center will be set up for BEA; it’s a conference catering to publishing professionals, authors, librarians and journalists/bloggers. There are still booths and panels and goodies being given out, but there are more meetings and networking at BEA. Many of the booths remain the same from BEA to BookCon, but the programming becomes more fan-oriented and less industry-oriented.

How can I hang out with Fictionist at the show?

We would love to hang out with you! If you’d like to schedule a meeting (during BEA or BookCon), email! There will be a few of us at the show, but we won’t be wearing uniforms. We will, however, have free stickers! See if you can spot some while you’re there!