Did you hate this book? Should you leave a scathing review on Amazon/Goodreads? Take this quiz first!

Did you like the main character?

Did the characters seem fleshed out?

Did the plot keep you invested?

Did the world draw you in?

Did you have to pay for the book?

QUIZ: Should you leave a scathing book review?
Don't leave that anger-fueled review. Don't do it.
Spoiler: You get the same result no matter how many times you take this quiz. Please don't leave a scathing review. Here's why: Listen, we get it if you don't enjoy a book. If you feel the characters are underdeveloped, or you feel the plot was predictable, or you didn't like the writing style... but you didn't HAVE to finish that book. There's no shame in putting a book down. There's no shame in donating a book to the library because it just isn't for you, or deleting a book off your Kindle because you just don't like it. But hey. Authors spend hours upon hours and days upon days and months upon months (and sometimes years and years) getting those books out into the world. As much as our consumerist ideals want us to say that books are just another item for us to use and enjoy... books are art. So please understand that those books are art, and one man's trash is another's treasure. Just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it's a terrible book, and doesn't mean you should sabotage that writer's earnings -- because they do depend on book reviews pretty heavily. Please don't ruin an author's career just because you didn't like the art they made. That being said, feel free to share your thoughts -- leave a 3-star or something and mention that you didn't really enjoy the book but maybe others will. It's the anger-fueled, pure hatred, one-stars we're talking about. (Note: If an author wrote something offensive, racist, or otherwise inappropriate for their audience, please reach out to them and their editor. We are not saying that "art" is an excuse for racism/mysogyny/etc. This quiz is meant to explain that authors rely on reviews so that their books sell. Not everyone is JK Rowling. Many authors don't get paid much at all.)

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