There are infinite struggles readers understand. Here are a few of them!

Bookworms have more problems than people might think. Life can be hard when all you want to do is read all day, every day. Here are 10 problems every bookworm will understand:

1. Getting Comfortable

I think everyone knows this struggle the best: When you want to get comfortable to read but you simply can’t. You try to lay down but then your arms either get tired or they fall asleep. You try sitting, but then your elbow gets stiff. Maybe you even try resting the book on your legs, but then your back gets sore from leaning over for so long. Whatever the case may be, you can just never get comfortable.

2. Deciding Between Reading or Sleep

If you get really into your book (as I’m sure you do), then you know what it’s like to stay up late reading a book when you have things to do the next day. If you’re close to that final chapter, usually you’ll just go for it. However, if you’re halfway through and it’s midnight, it’s hard to pull yourself away. Eventually, you just have to keep telling yourself the universal reader’s lie:

Just… one… more… page…

3. The Never-Ending TBR List

With so books being released yearly, it’s no surprise that your TBR list is so long. From amazing standalone books such as Heartless by Marissa Meyer to popular series like Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new releases.

4. Deciding What Book to Start Next

If you’ve just finished a book, but you have TOO MANY books on your TBR list, you never know what book to start next. You may have a book in mind, but then life decides to add more to that struggle.

5. Book Slumps

The dreaded book slump. The timeless enemy of readers everywhere. Whether it’s for a few days or a couple of months, picking up a book becomes more and more difficult as time goes by. It’s like the clingy person that can’t take a hint. But when you finally have the motivation to get back to reading, it’s a weight that is off your shoulders.

6. More Space

Whether you have many bookshelves or no bookshelves at all, there is never enough space for all the books you accumulate over time. Eventually, your book shelves become a Tetris puzzle or you have a throne of books. There is usually no in between.

7. Lending A Book to Someone

When ever a family member or a friend is interested in a book series that you have been talking about, it’s an amazing feeling knowing that they will suffer all of the emotions that you went through.


Having the book you once had in pristine condition come back in tatters breaks every persons heart. Doubly so if the book you lent out was a signed copy.

R.I.P to all those books that were lost.

8. When a Beloved Character Dies

I think everyone can agree that when a character you love dies, it’s like losing a close friend or family member. Watching this character grow and learning more about them is always an endearing moment. But when that character dies, the tissues come out, the book closes, and the mourning period begins.

9. Not Enough Lighting

Unless you have an e-reader, there is never enough light to read. When trying to read outside or inside, the lighting is just ever right. It’s either too dim or is constantly shifting. If you’re lucky enough to have the perfect amount of lighting for your book, usually something happens soon after and the lighting is gone. The struggle for nice lighting, unfortunately, is never ending.

10. Waiting For the Next Book Release

When starting a new series, it’s always a good time until you finish the current book and have to wait for the next one to be released. If it’s a duology like the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo, it’s not that bad of a wait. However, if it’s a series like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, which has more than four books, the wait for the end becomes a hard one to endure. Until the next book is released, it’s up to fanfiction, fanart and social media to keep us from going crazy.

But when you finally have the book in your hands to continue the story, the wait becomes worth it.

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