QUIZ: Can You Match the A Series of Unfortunate Events Quote to the Book?

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With the recent release of the Netflix series, hype for A Series of Unfortunate Events has been renewed. But how well do you really know the books?

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"'I'm very sorry to hear about that,' Klaus said, not adding that anyone who is so picky about a hot fudge sundae should make it themselves."

"In the days that followed, the Baudelaire orphans had pits in their stomachs. In Sunny's case it was understandable, because when Klaus had divided up the peach, she had gotten the part with the pit."

"The apple was not as bitter as the Baudelaire orphans would have guessed, and the horseradish gave the juice of the apple a slight, sharp edge, like the air on a winter morning."

"I'm sure you know, when Klaus used the expression 'opportunity will knock,' he meant that his coworkers might find something better to do with their time, instead of leaping into a pit of hungry lions just to give some people what they wanted."

"Unless you are a lawyer, it will probably strike you as odd that Count Olaf's plan was defeated by Violet signing with her left hand instead of her right."

"'Because of the evidence discussed on page nine,' read the sentence above the photograph, 'experts now suspect that there may in fact be one survivor of the fire, but the survivor's whereabouts are unknown.'"

"Isadora recited, tying Violet's ribbon in her hair, 'It may not be particularly wise, but it's a thrill to be disguised.'"

"Like an envelope, a hollow figurine, and a coffin, a refrigerator can hold all sorts of things, and they may turn out to be very important depending on what kind of day you are having."

"The four passengers were rocked to and fro and almost fell into the waters of the lake, where the leeches were wriggling away again to prepare for another attack."

"'I'm going to do a special tap-dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian dance recital,' Carmelita bragged, 'on the graves of all those volunteers!'"

"Those trees were no longer in, so the gardeners were getting rid of them. The Baudelaires did not like to think of what would happen when orphans were no longer in, either."

"'I wish you could be more polite,' Charles said, his voice drifting through the steam. 'There was no reason to accuse that concierge of being a spy.'"

"In the final scene of the movie, the zombies and villagers celebrated May Day together, but the three Baudelaire orphans were too nervous and afraid to enjoy themselves one bit."

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